Beautiful, fast and simple property management for landlords.

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Email Receipts

Nobody likes killing trees and nobody likes filing. So why put yourself or your tenants through that? Go paperless by emailing your tenants their rent receipts today.

Mobile Friendly

Built with mobile in mind. Easily access all your information from any smartphone. No app download required.

Income Summary

See your monthly and yearly income automatically determined by what properties are rented or vacant.

Rent Day Countdown

Know exactly the number of days until your next wave of payments will be rolling in and exactly who is late and by how many days.

Fast. Like, Really Fast

There isn't a soul on this planet that likes waiting and that's why we focus on performance first.

Tenant Contact Info

Always have your tenant contact information at your finger tips. We even keep historical tenant information so you'll never lose anything.

Maps & Directions

See your properties located on maps for easy reference providing instant directions whenever needed.

Track Expenses

Keep record of all those repair bills and renovations for when tax time comes around.


Designed to be painless. Our interface is so simple a toddler could manage your properties for you.

Under Lock & Key

All transmissions are over 256bit SSL. The same internet standard for security that even your bank uses.

Constantly Improving

Use the question mark in the corner anytime to provide feedback & ideas. We're always listening and working on new features to make property management easier.

Totally Free

It's free to manage as many properties as you want! Can't get much more affordable than that, can you?